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Proven Science

Zinpro Performance Minerals® are backed by an unmatched portfolio of science-based animal performance data.

  • We invest far more in animal performance studies than all other organic trace mineral companies.
  • We direct multiple studies to support our performance minerals criteria.
  • We have more peer-reviewed publications than any other trace mineral company.

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Better Science Means Better Results
The Proven Path

The Proven Path to Performance

Your animals deserve the best and taking the proven path to mineral nutrition is a crucial step. Watch this video to learn how only Zinpro Performance Minerals utilize a unique pathway for absorption - the amino acid transporter.

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Peer Reviewed Organic Trace Mineral Research

Peer-Reviewed Research

Zinpro research is validated and proven within the industry. We have more peer-reviewed research than any other trace mineral company - 250+ to be exact.

Learn more about our trace mineral research.

Animal Performance Minerals FAQ's


When put to the test, Zinpro Performance Minerals® rise above all other trace minerals on the market. To learn more about performance minerals, visit our Frequently Asked Questions.

5-Rs of Organic Trace Performance Minerals


There are two basic categories of trace minerals: performance minerals and ordinary minerals. To determine if a trace mineral is a performance mineral, there are five essential criteria that must be met: return, response, repeatability, research and reassurance. Learn more about the 5-Rs essential performance minerals criteria.

Lifetime performance

Feed the Best for a Lifetime

At Zinpro, we believe to truly thrive, animals must receive optimum trace mineral nutrition throughout their life stages.

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